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LGBTQ travel, re-imagined.

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Pride Air Group is re-imagining LGBTQ travel

Traveling to a Pride Festival, Cruise Departure or your favorite Circuit Party should be a fun, exciting and dare we say, relaxing experience.  More often than not however, you find yourself booked on connecting flights, paying all manner of extra fees, crammed into a middle seat with no meaningful food on hours-long flights.


Pride Air Group's better alternative follows three guiding principles.  Create and deliver a superior travel experience. Focus on LGBTQ community, events and destinations. And build deep strategic partnerships with our community, destinations and travel partners.

Using a Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate) approach, we went back to the drawing board and picked and chose ONLY those elements that add to a positive, enjoyable travel experience. This starts with our overall business model and includes our booking policies and levels of service, the type of aircraft we use, the technologies we integrate into our products, and the markets that we serve.


Pride Air Group collaborates with our portfolio of operating companies, coordinating strategy to ensure that operations are aligned with our guiding principles. We manage centralized functions such as fleet, fuel, maintenance and real estate arrangements, and we set performance targets for the operating companies, tracking their progress and allocating capital within the Group. 


The operating companies, each with their own individual brand identities and customized business models, are empowered to execute their strategies and are fully accountable for their financial results.

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We've built our superior travel experience using three pillars:

Business Policies, Aircraft, and Technology.

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Full service (bundled) pricing / no fees


Simple fare structure


2 or 3 classes of service


Pre-assigned seats


Difference in fare for changes


Meals or hearty snacks on flights longer than 3 hours


Checked baggage included




Dash-8 Family (Q400)
No middle seats
(2-2 in economy)



E-Jet Family (E195)
No middle seats
(2-2 in economy)



Dreamliner Family (B787)

Configured for fewer middle seats
(2-4-2 in economy)

(Under evaluation)



Smart device integration
(Passengers and Flight Crews)


Electronic check-in, baggage tracking and boarding


A.I.– Weather, route and network planning, etc.

Blockchain – Contracts, inventory management, etc.

Connecting Dots
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Pride Air Group is committed to pursuing a sustainable future in our industry. There is no one single path, but rather a series of areas in which we can contribute. They include:

  • Utilizing a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient and quiet aircraft

  • Incorporating Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

  • Transitioning to electric or hydrogen-fueled aircraft (As they come to market)

  • Using cutting edge A.I. technologies (Network Planning, En-route weather)

  • Eliminating single-use plastics onboard

  • Recycling onboard packaging

  • Reducing onboard food waste

  • Electronic delivery of documents, boarding passes and Inflight Magazine

  • Many additional steps that add to the overall effort


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